Dr. Donato is our website master and a digital architect who meticulously constructs online spaces with a keen eye for aesthetics, functionality, and security. He harnesses a profound understanding of user experience to craft intuitive layouts that seamlessly guide visitors through a digital journey. Donato creates a secure and inviting digital environment that fosters trust and engagement while reflecting the unique vision and goals of the client.

Dr. Donato coaches and mentors people all around the world to become all that they can be. As in this book, you must start at the ground floor to move up and get higher. This goes for all walks of life and anything that you want to do. Donato specializes in the business aspect of his coaching to get people to think outside the box and think about how things will also impact the future, not just the here and now.

Dr. Donato is a Pastor, Coach, Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Businessman, and so much more. He has been involved in many areas of ministry over the past 30 years and currently serves as the Senior Pastor in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota. Dr. Donato desires to impact people’s lives with the Gospel and with everything he teaches. Dr. Donato’s goal is to inspire, encourage, and build a person up to accomplish all their goals, dreams, and visions so they can be all God created for them to become.

Dr. Donato has been a leader in Corporate America for over 30 years. He has served in many different roles, most of which involve Technology.  Donato has worked for many of the top Fortune 500 companies, overseeing many multi-million-dollar projects and the people involved. All these projects have many challenges, so Dr. Donato knows the stress of life that we all go through.

Dr. Donato grew up all around the Midwest, but he and his wife, Nichol, call Minnesota their home. They are parents and grandparents and love every minute of it. They own and operate a few businesses where they provide help to people who need websites, social media support, and much more.

Dr. Donato Perricci. Leader. Motivator. Strategist.



Creative professionals are the driving force of today’s business world. Proving to be a quintessential asset in her field is the multifaceted delineator, Nichol Perricci.

Nichol Perricci is a graphic designer, project manager for group book projects, book publisher, TV/Radio/podcast producer & editor, and content specialist with a high propensity for bringing compassion, ethics, and skill-set diversity to the growing realm of entrepreneurship.  Stewarding an array of technical and administrative capabilities, Nichol has spent many years delivering world-class service in project management, social media campaigns, virtual staging, and publishing to a diverse clientele. Her trusted expertise has landed her hand in executive editing for both podcasts and television, by which she resources for a handful of YouTube shows and radio shows each week.

Nichol’s mantra is simple: Her goal is to meet clients’ standards with unyielding excellence while keeping the integrity of their unique concept and overall brand.

Coupling exceptional work ethic and sincere regard for client satisfaction, Nichol displays an unmatched professional quality that has kept her in high demand for over 20 years.  Her current portfolio displays excellence in anthology creation and social media management, proving her uncanny ability to adhere to entrepreneurial trends timelessly. As the COO and Co-Founder of DNP Designs, Nichol Perricci remains a reputable help in the creative market, servicing clientele with both complex and simple content needs.  She currently serves as the editor and director of The PAMELA Show, assisting all-star personality Pamela Henkel with her PURPOSE TV Channel.

Inspired most by those in her field, Nichol longs to aid creative professionals in their pursuit of excellence, helping them to fulfill their dreams while living out her own.

When Nichol is not out helping clients and motivating creative entrepreneurs, Nichol is also a minister’s wife and a passionate worship leader, and her missing is to help others discover that through worship, they can break those chains that keep them from their dreams. She is a partner to her husband, Donato, a mother of 3 now grown kiddos, grandma of 2 little peanuts, as well as a trusted friend and an asset to her local community.

Nichol Perricci. Innovator. Energizer. Organizer.


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