At DNP Productions our talented video editing virtuoso has a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through visuals, this individual seamlessly weaves together audio and video elements to enhance the podcasting experience. From trimming and synchronizing audio tracks to integrating engaging visuals, they transform raw recordings into polished, captivating video content. Beyond the editing suite, they navigate the intricacies of podcast platforms, ensuring each video is meticulously formatted and optimized for seamless uploads. Their expertise extends to creating eye-catching thumbnails and compelling descriptions, ensuring that each podcast episode not only sounds great but also looks appealing on platforms like YouTube and other video-sharing channels. In the dynamic world of podcasting, our dedication ensures that every episode becomes an immersive experience for listeners, leaving a lasting impression long after the recording stops.


Here is some of what we do for our Show Owners:

Cover creation for Radio, Podcast & YouTube Shows.

Set up for 6-8 of the most popular Podcast platforms

Set up YouTube Channel

Give tips for sound, recording and lighting

Help you with setting up your space for your recording

Guide you in setting up your program to record your videos

Create empowering and fun intros and outros for your Podcast that fit the theme of the Podcast


DNP Productions Current Shows

Purpose by Design

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